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Playstation 3
MultiMAN v04.60.00 : payload for CFW 4.60
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Playstation 3
Morpheus : virtual reality is formalized by Sony on PS4
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Playstation 3
CFW Habib Cobra 4.55 CEX v1.00 available
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Playstation 3
Sony has updated its youngest console. Indeed, the PS4 has a new firmware and moves to the 1.74 release.

This is a minor update and SONY has not communicated on additions and corrections, only the classic :

"The stability of the system software during the use of certain features has been improved."


Saturday 26 July 2014, 12:35 by iomedes. Read 68 times
Playstation 3
Orion also offers an update of its forks Iris Manager. This review therefore proposes v3.11 the management of the Mamba payload for CFW 3.55, 4.41, 4.46 DEX. The revision v3.10 provides better file management in case of change of CFW, better support Mamba payload, but also management of SPOOF 4.60 (for CFW 4.46/4.55 - Cobra included) and of course the inevitable bugs fixes.

The Changelog :

Added payload mamba 3:55 DEX, 4:41 and 4:46 DEX DEX thanks Joonie.
Fixed a bug in the spoof remover.

GameSonic Manager v3.10 Changelog:
Auto-rename files explore_plugin.sprx depending on the CFW in use (if the CFW is 4:46 explore_plugin_446.sprx renames the manager, even if the update or downgrade the fw manager will rename all automatically), so the manager does not comes in a excess weight and you do not need a discless addon.
Fixed various bugs in the file manager. (Lv1 Lv2-dump, and other small bugs)
Added last payload mamba 4.46DEX by Joonie.
Added spoof Installer / Remover to 4.60 for CFW 4:46 to 4:55 CEX (including cobras).
Added to the plugin installer Webman mod.
Cleaned Advanced Tools menu.
Now in the Advanced Tools menu vissualizzerete the payload that is using the manager.
If spoofing Gamesonic Manager is the active manager will detect it and display it in the global menu option.
Gui Manager reconstructed from 0 and made faster and more efficient.
Added protection in the spoof Installer / remover to avoid the semi-brick (if the manager will detect spoof already installed will show the remove option and not a full installation)
Added scan of the cover of the folder Multiman, if the manager will find there the cover will apply automatically (Install the cover pack to get all the cover).
Updated source code for the version of Singstar Replacament and cleaned from unnecessary strings.

Download link : http://store.brewolo...id=249&fid=1525
Remplacement de SingStar: http://store.brewolo...id=249&fid=1523
Saturday 26 July 2014, 12:06 by iomedes. Read 29 times
Playstation 3
AldosTools offers us a new update v3.13 of IRISMAN. The menu of the day: various bug fixes and update of the Mamba payload, which remember, is a copy of payload COBRA on non-COBRA CFW.
CFW supporting the Mamba payload are :
CEX: 3.55/4.30/4.21/4.40/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55/4.60
DEX: 3.55/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.55
The changelog:

Changelog 3.13 (Jul 19/2014)
- Added mamba support on 3.55 DEX using symbols included in mamba 1.35 released by @Joonie

Supported CFW using mamba are:
CEX: 3.55/4.30/4.21/4.40/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.53/4.55/4.60
DEX: 3.55/4.41/4.46/4.50/4.55

Changelog 3.13 (Jul 18/2014)
- Updated code with mamba 1.35 released by @Joonie
(This release adds mamba support for 4.41DEX and fixes some wrong symbols on 4.46DEX)

- Updated UMOUNT_SYSCAL_OFFSET in payload_460.c with fixed offset found
by @zar
- Fixed issue displaying the free space on multiple devices in the File
- Added option to jump to root pressing SELECT+/\ if the cursor is over ..

MAJ: Une version v3.14 est maintenant disponible.

- Fix in File Manager for the "0.00 MB free" space left reported after copy.
- Fixed incorrect status returned in read_from_registry function.

Download link: http://store.brewolo...id=250&fid=1528
AldosTools also released a utility to allow IRISMAN to be all the time in the first place in the XMB Homebrew :
Download link:
Priority ON: http://store.brewolo...id=250&fid=1498
Priority OFF: http://store.brewolo...id=250&fid=1497
Saturday 26 July 2014, 12:03 by iomedes. Read 55 times
Playstation 3
Flynhigh09 & ICECOLDKILLAH propose usna new update for their Eboot Hacker program. This program allows you to edit Hex values ​​in the Eboot.Bin of the game to enable Mod or simply cheating (ammunition / unlimited health, infinite money, etc..).
If you launch the app via Eboot Hacker Updater.exe (contained in v1.0.9.0 / v1.0.6.0) an update will then be proposed.
Note that this update only provides a new interface.
Little tuto :

1. Select the EBOOT you want to modify.
2. Choose EBOOT in the list, it will be automatically loaded.
3. Choose the game and the codes you wish to apply.

4. Press "Apply Cheat" where asked.
4. Then press Build Eboot. file must be near the executable.

List of supported games :
2014 FIFA World Cup BrazilAmazing Spider-ManAmazing Spider-Man 2Atelier Escha & LogyBatman Arkham Origins BlackgateBattlefield 4BioshockBioshock InfiniteBorderlands 2Bound By FlameCabelas Big Game Hunter: Pro HuntsCall of Duty: Black Ops 2Call of DUty: GhostsCastlevania: Lords of ShadowCastlevania: Lords of Shadow 2Child of LightDark Souls 2Dead or Alive 5DeadpoolDead IslandDead Island RiptideDead Space 2Dead Space 3Dragonball Z: Battle of ZDead Space IgnitionEternal SonataFar Cry 3: Blood DragonGhostbustersGod of War AscensionGrand Theft Auto VHard Corps UprisingHomefrontInfamous 2J-Stars Victory VsJojos Bizarre AdventureJust Cause 2Killzone 2Killzone 3Lego HobbitLego Marvel Super HeroesLego Star Wars 3Lord of the Rings: War in the NorthLost Planet 3Max Payne 3Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesMetro Last LightMinecraftMLB The Show 14Mortal Kombat 9Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012)Need for Speed RivalsOrder UpRageRagnarok Odyssey AceRatchet & Clank: Into the NexusResident Evil: Operation Raccoon CityStar Wars: The Force UnsleashedStar Wars: The Force Unsleashed 2South Park: The Stick of TruthUnchartedUncharted 2Uncharted 3Super Robot Taisen ZThe Witch and the hundred KnightThe Last of UsTransformers: Fall of CybertronTransformers: War for CybertronTwisted Metal 
Warning, using these modification expose you to a possible ban...
Available Update since V available here -->  Eboot Hacker 
Or from the following mirror: MultiUpload / Rghost / Mediafire
Saturday 26 July 2014, 11:49 by iomedes. Read 41 times
Playstation 3
After a huge and excellent work of translation from the TTGTradTeam, the first 2 episodes of season 2 of The Walking Dead, as well as The Wolf Among Us. The Team continues and delivers us the patch FR Episode 03 - The Wolf Among Us
After some modifications, here it is compatible on our beloved PS3 in version PKG.

ATTENTION !!! to make this Patch FR works, you have to follow all the installation steps and remove the patch from episode 1 or 2.
WARNING !!! For those who have already install the patch FR for the episode 1 or 2, you must inevitably erase THE ENTIRE game (episode 1 and 2 + patch FR) before perform the installation described below.
As for the patch of the episode 1 and 2, this PKG contains the Fix 4.XX. You don't have to install any other FIX.
Installation of the patch FR:

- Install the episode 1
- Install the V 1.01 update
- Install the episode 2
- Install the episode 3
- Install the FR patch of the episode 3



Concerning the compatibility trouble of different patches FR (also present on the PC) that is already known, the Team is working on a patch that will be provided as soon as possible...
Download the FR Patch : Ep 03- The Wolf Among Us version FR.pkg - 15.1 MB
Saturday 26 July 2014, 11:38 by iomedes. Read 14 times
Playstation 3
Here is the so awaited MultiMAN update ! CFW 4.60 are now supported and this is the only novelty. itself, it is not really surprising, MultiMAN is already excellent. Indeed, updates after updates, its developer, Deank, never stopped to improve performances of its backup manager formerly designed from Open Manager, Simple AVCHD and File Manager.
Today, you can, with MultiMAN run your PS3 games backups, browse HDD files from your console, play your AVCHD videos, and enjoy various plugins aavilable (Showtime for playing multimedia contents and several emulators for retro games, for example).

Changelog :

* Added support for CFW 4.60

* multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE CEX (20140712).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.60.00 BASE DEX (20140712).pkg
* multiMAN ver 04.60.00 STEALTH (20140712).zip
* webMAN_1.30.zip (cobra/cappi/standard versions)

Download Multiman 04.60.00 (base)
Tuesday 22 July 2014, 16:04 by iomedes. Read 219 times
Playstation 3
We can't stop AldosTools ! Here is, once again, a v3.12 for IrisMan. It features a display of the HDD free space for all HDD and minors bug fixes.
Changelog :

Changelog 3.12 (Jul 11/2014)
- Added display of free disk space for all devices on File Manager.
- Fixed issue creating LV1 / LV2 in File Manager: Dumps will be created on the selected device.
- Fixed issue that limited some functions on File Manager by Parental Control.
- Added French & Spanish translation to some labels on Global menu. (Thanks to littlebalup)

Changelog 3.11 (Jul 11/2014)
- Merged mamba with updates by Joonie for 4.46DEX (Rebug).
- Added fix ATTRIBUTE for games with PS3_EXTRA.
- Fixed bug in prxloader.self.

We also thank littlebalup, member of LS, for the translation update
Download link : http://store.brewolo...id=250&fid=1496
Tuesday 22 July 2014, 15:55 by iomedes. Read 49 times
Playstation 3
With the arrival of the CFW 4.60, it is logical that the reActPSN updates itself. It enables different content such as games or PSN downloadable content without having to connect to the SEN. This revision brings a lot of corrections.

Changelog :

- Fixed CFW4.60 new crash bug when connected some USB storage.
- Added support backup games from internal folder GAMEZ.
- Fixed CFW4.60 DLC 0x80010038 error.

Download link : http://store.brewolo...id=126&fid=1494
Monday 21 July 2014, 10:03 by iomedes. Read 98 times
Playstation 3

The Cobra team never stops. Its famous Blu-Ray emulator has a very followed development for our greatest happiness. It is through their official team developers, they announce today, the release of new versions of their programs. As the arrival of each new update, what's up, now ?

Found with this update many bug fixes and adding configuration files.

- Cobra ODE available on the LSstore at this address
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 Fat (version PATA)
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 Fat (version SATA)
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 Slim (2k)
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 SuperSlim
- Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : settings and launch of ISO
Changelog :

* FPGA 1 : Fix AES encryption timing issues causing some encryption errors
* FPGA 3 : Improve stability
* V5.x boards : Update USB driver
* V5.x boards : Fix race condition on USB reads causing error
* Add support for bypass.delay configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps3_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps2_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.ps1_games configuration option
* Add support for folders.bd_movies configuration option
* Add support for folders.dvd_movies configuration option
* Fix issue with uninitialized configuration on ODE boot causing software pass-through mode to be enabled by default until valid HDD is inserted
* Change default manager type to browser
* Set eject.on_selection=1 option as default
* Set eject.add_menu=1 option as default
* Set mcu.underclock=1 option as default
* Fix issue of disc not showing if PS3 boots with a BD-RE disc in tray
* Display firmware version in XMB when using the browser
* Fix bypass method freezing for 4k systems with MPX001 motherboards

Download links :
    - For all PCB : Cobra ODE Firmware v2.1 , Mirror 1, Mirror 2
    - Chipset M2S025 only : Cobra ODE Firmware v2.1
Thanks to Kloe17 for the information.

Friday 18 July 2014, 09:40 by iomedes. Read 238 times
Playstation 3
User and Deank has come to update this marvellous homebrew called VSH PRX Loader. You could ask what for ? This is simple, this tools allows you to run applications in background or while your console is busy. This can be done without troubleshoots or slowdowns. You can play, and also make a transfer via FTP in background and all will be fluid. Or, you can display informations from the CPU/RSX directly on the XMB. Make a Peek & Poke on the RAM of the PS3.
To know how to use it, I invite you to watch the tutorial from pounou : http://www.logic-sun...simplicite.html
Changelog :

Changes in VSH PRX Loader 1.05 (unofficial)
* Added payload for 4.60 cex by Joonie
* Payload 4.50 dex is voided for the moment.

Features of plugins via VSH PRX Loader:
. run tasks in the background
. tasks are running all the time (vsh, ingame, etc.)

To add new plugins it is necessary to edit /dev_hdd0/game/PRXLOADER/USRDIR/plugins.txt

Download link : http://store.brewolo...id=243&fid=1489
Tuesday 08 July 2014, 18:51 by iomedes. Read 174 times
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